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Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer to Restore Your Gun Rights

I have been restoring clients’ gun rights all over Washington State for many years now, and I still hear of a new issue regarding gun laws, firearms rights, and the legal processes that surround them on a monthly basis.  A quick glance at the Washington gun rights restoration statute makes it look pretty simple:  file a gun rights petition in the Superior Court, and get your firearms rights restored.  But things aren’t always as simple as they seem…. Continue Reading →


Washington State Assault Weapons Ban – Restore Gun Rights Now

Now is the time to restore your gun rights, before Washington’s attorney general sends up legislation for an assault weapons ban in 2017.  Under the proposed assault weapons ban, “military style” weapons like AR-15’s and any weapon with a high capacity magazine (greater than 10 rounds) would be banned in the State of Washington.   Continue Reading →


Gun Rights, ATF Rule 41F and Gun Trusts

Guns laws are changing rapidly.  Tomorrow ATF Rule 41F regarding NFA gun trusts goes into effect.  Do you know how Rule 41F effects your gun rights?  Do you know how Washington’s firearms transfer laws, or I-594, are applied to NFA or non-NFA gun trust holders?  California has passed some incredibly restrictive laws requiring people to possess a permit just to purchase a gun, undergo background checks just to purchase ammunition, and surrender or destroy high-capacity magazines.  Are these changes headed to Washington, too?  If you need to have your gun rights restored, now is the time to do it.  Call THE GREEN LAW OFFICE now to discuss our reasonable flat fees and expedited handling of your case. Continue Reading →


Suing Contractors Revisited – Lawsuits Against Contractor Bonds

Contractors in Spokane, WA are still completing work on homes, roofs and fences after last year’s windstorm.  And some people are starting to realize that the work done by their contractor is defective, that the construction contract was breached, or that the contractor just didn’t to the work they promised.  Disputes with contractors can be difficult to resolve, and the GREEN LAW OFFICE can help you negotiate your claim against a contractor either by working towards a settlement with your contractor and his insurance company, or by filing a lawsuit against your contractor and their contractor’s bond. Continue Reading →


Federal and Washington State Gun Rights Restoration & NFA Trusts

I have been restoring gun rights for clients for many years now, and it still seems like every week I get a call with a new issue.  With the constant changes to federal and Washington State gun laws, and the differences between Washington state and federal gun rights restoration laws, every gun rights restoration case poses different legal issues that only experience and a deep understanding of firearms laws can help decipher.  The GREEN LAW OFFICE helps clients restore their gun rights in Spokane and all throughout Washington State whether they have felony convictions, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, or even a previous mental health commitment.

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