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Should You Use a Simple Will Form from the Internet, or Hire an Attorney in Washington?

With the availability of information on the Internet these days, do you really need a lawyer to draft a will for you?   While you can certainly find sample wills on the web, only an experienced lawyer can help you make sure that you and your family are properly protected with adequate estate planning.  Let’s look at how the right attorney can use a last will and testament, testamentary trust, living trust, designation of guardianship, and financial and healthcare powers of attorney to make sure your assets and family are taken care of. Continue Reading →


Spokane Attorney Moves to New Address

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Spokane Attorney Alan Green, and his Green Law Office, PLLC is now located on the fifth floor of the Fernwell Building in downtown Spokane, Washington on the corner of Riverside Avenue and Stevens Street.  Alan continues to represent new and existing clients in the areas of personal injury, business litigation, business formation and consulting, estate planning, insurance disputes, construction issues, and other civil matters. Continue Reading →


Suing a Contractor in Spokane: How a Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help

When a contractor has breached his construction contract by either failing to complete a job or by negligently doing the work, homeowners are left with a difficult decision about how to proceed.  Even homeowners who checked out the contractors – their licenses, insurance and references – can be surprised with defective work, or an abandoned job.  Should the homeowner sue the contractor?  If so, in what court?  What about the contractor’s insurance or bond?  There are a lot of details that can make the difference between seeing compensation and an unsuccessful claim.  A knowledgeable consumer protection lawyer with experience in construction claims can help.  Alan Green is a consumer protection attorney in Spokane that has experience in all manner of construction claims and lawsuits. Continue Reading →


Spokane DUI Defense Lawyer: Implied Consent Law and DOL Hearings

Having a lawyer educated in the nuances of DUI defense can significantly improve your chances of success in defending a DUI charge.  From negotiating a reasonable plea deal to avoid having a DUI on your record, to taking your case to trial and fighting a conviction with a technical defense, only a lawyer with the right tools can help you avoid the years of burden and expense that come with a DUI conviction.  McNeice Wheeler Green, PLLC can help you fight for the best possible result.  Continue Reading →


Spokane Attorney Celebrates Continued Growth After Second Year in Private Practice

McNeice Wheeler Green, PLLC is pleased to celebrate the completion of its second year in private practice.  After many years practicing insurance defense and workers compensation in Florida and Washington, Alan began his own firm two years ago in order to help the people of Spokane and Eastern Washington with their legal needs.  Since opening, Alan has successfully represented clients with a variety of claims, including:  personal injury, consumer protection, negligent construction, malpractice, estate planning, business consulting, and criminal defense.  Alan is also very pleased to continue his work in the Juvenile Court system in Grant County, helping children with truancy matters, At-Risk Youth, and temporary placement cases.  McNeice Wheeler Green, PLLC looks forward to many more years serving the people of Spokane and the Inland Northwest.  If Alan can be of service to you, please contact him at the office any time.