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Slips, Falls and Other Winter-Related Personal Injury Claims in Spokane

It happens every year.  We get that big snow storm that leads to disaster, even though everyone knows it is coming.  Streets and parking lots get iced over.  Sidewalks become dangerous.  Buildings shed snow and ice.  Drivers fail to adjust to the conditions.  Every year in Spokane, hundreds of people are injured due to winter conditions.  The question then becomes:  was the person just being careless, or were they injured because of another’s negligence.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine whether you can be compensated for your injury.  Continue Reading →


Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Attorney in Spokane, WA

Are you one of the 9 out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 35 without a will?  Are you part of the over 50% of people in America without any sort of formal estate planning in place?  Do you have a family?  A home?  A business?  Do you care about what would happen to you if you were unable to make medical decisions for yourself?  Do you know what would happen to your children if you were hurt or passed away?

Many people avoid these questions because they are difficult to think about.  Many people dismiss estate planning as complicated or expensive.  But if you spend just a few minutes speaking with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, and spend a relatively small amount of money now, you will never have to worry about these questions again, and could end up saving your family many times the cost down the road. Continue Reading →


What Makes the Best Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are in a car accident, or are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you want the best attorney in your corner.  There are a lot of personal injury attorneys in Spokane and Eastern Washington, so how do you choose?  Here are some things to think about when making this important decision: Continue Reading →


Consumer Protection Attorney: Suing a contractor in Spokane

Do you need a consumer protection attorney?  Summer is winding down.  So are all those summer projects – new addition to the house, new fence, new bathroom, retaining wall, etc.  And now that those projects are winding down, maybe you are realizing that the “great guy your friend’s friend used” maybe wasn’t all that great.   But hey, you’re reasonable, so you called him up and calmly relayed your concerns.  After all, you paid a lot of money, did your research and used a bonded and insured contractor, surely you can work this out.  But he won’t return your calls.  So now what?

Once telephone calls, emails and letters fail to get the results you need, its time to advance to the next step:  hiring a competent and knowledgeable consumer protection attorney.  A good consumer protection attorney can help you evaluate which of the many causes of action you may be able to pursue against the contractor.  Additionally, a good consumer protection attorney can help you go after the contractor’s insurance company and bond, as well as their business and/or personal assets. Continue Reading →


Do You Need a Lawyer to Deal With the Insurance Company?

We all would like to think that our insurance company is looking out for our best interests.  Unfortunately, no matter the reason you are dealing with them, the insurance company’s main goal is to pay out as little as possible on any given claim.  You may need an experienced lawyer to help you when dealing with an insurance company, whether it is your insurance company or someone else’s.  Alan Green spent the first 7 years of his legal career working for some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, so he knows how things work behind the scenes and can use that knowledge to help you against those same insurance companies now that he has his own practice.

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