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Consumer and Construction Law

The Green Law Office limits its consumer practice to construction defect cases and insurance issues.  Construction defect cases often involve Washington’s Consumer Protection Act and claims related to consumer protection laws, as well as Washington’s Contractor’s Registration Statute.  These may provide for specific causes of action, attorneys fees, statutory damages, or other provisions, as well as dictate how a homeowner can go after a contractor’s bond .  The laws that deal with these different issues can be very complex, and there are often technical requirements that must be adhered to or you may lose out on part or all of your claims.  The process in Washington State to go after a contractor’s bond is also very specific and can be complicated without a construction defect lawyer.  It is important that you talk to a knowledgeable attorney to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.  And if you have already been taken advantage of, it  is important that you do what is necessary to make sure you are compensated. Some of the areas in which The Green Law Office, PLLC can help you are:

  •  Claims and lawsuits against general and specialized contractors for construction defects;
  •  Claims against contractor bonds;
  •  Consumer Protection Act claims;
  •  Bad faith insurance claims, wrongful denial of claims, improper valuation, and other insurance issues.


Contact an experienced Spokane consumer and construction defect attorney at The Green Law Office to discuss your case today.  (We are not currently taking debt collection or credit reporting cases.)