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Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney

Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer

You need an experienced, creative, and supportive attorney on your side when you are faced with criminal charges.  If you are charged with the following crimes in Spokane or the surrounding counties, The Green Law Office can help:

  • DUI or Physical Control;
  • DOL license suspension hearing;
  • Possession of controlled substance;
  • Trespassing or violation of WDFW regulations;
  • Traffic infractions;
  • Theft, taking a vehicle without permission, and property crimes;
  • Spokane County and Washington State
  • Misdemeanors and lesser felonies.


It is important to consult an experienced attorney before taking a conviction so that you understand all of the consequences – both present and future.  And, if you have already been convicted of a crime, and lost some of your rights as a result, The Green Law Office can assist you with having your rights restored.  We are experienced in the processes involved in having your rights restored, and in some cases, having your record sealed or expunged.  Rights that can be lost due to conviction for a felony include: the right to possess or purchase a firearm, the right to vote and the right to hold public office.

Contact The Green Law Office to discuss your criminal charge with Spokane criminal defense attorney Alan Green to ensure your rights are protected.  If you have lost your rights, call Alan to discuss how to get them back.