Suing Contractors Revisited – Lawsuits Against Contractor Bonds

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Contractors in Spokane, WA are still completing work on homes, roofs and fences after last year’s windstorm.  And some people are starting to realize that the work done by their contractor is defective, that the construction contract was breached, or that the contractor just didn’t to the work they promised.  Disputes with contractors can be difficult to resolve, and the Green Law Office can help you negotiate your claim against a contractor either by working towards a settlement with your contractor and his insurance company, or by filing a lawsuit against your contractor and their contractor’s bond.Continue reading

Lawsuits Against Specialty and General Contractors: Insurance and Bond Issues in Construction Defect Claims

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One of the areas I see the most in my consumer protection practice involves claims having to do with botched or abandoned jobs by contractors.  These jobs range from small remodel or repair projects to full-scale renovation and remodeling of an entire house.  Unfortunately, even when consumers do their due diligence and check references, licenses, bonds and insurance information, shady contractors can still look legitimate and get jobs with fast talk and low bids.

So, you got taken for a ride by a contractor.  He has taken most of the money for the job, but left the work mostly unfinished – and what he has completed looks terrible and might even be dangerous.  Maybe he has damaged your house or other personal property.  Maybe you have even suffered personal injuries as a result of the contractor’s work.  What do you do now?Continue reading