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Spokane Employment Law Attorney

Spokane Employment Law Attorney

Employment Lawyer

Spokane employment law attorney Alan Green represents clients facing a number of employment issues.  We represent both employers and employees in matters concerning:

  •   Discrimination in hiring and promotions;
  •   Harassment, discrimination or hostile work environments – including Title VII claims;
  •   Violation of state or federal wages laws;
  •   Violation of state or federal workplace safety laws;
  •   Workplace injuries and accidents;
  •   Overtime pay and other wage disputes.


These matters often arise out of issues having to do with sex, gender, race, age, or disability.  Many times the situations that lead to these types of claims can be very emotionally charged and intensely personal.  The state and federal laws that deal with these issues can be complex, and the impact on your life can be enormous.  It is important that you consult an experienced attorney so that you can ensure your rights are protected, and that you recover the compensation that you deserve.

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