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Spokane Estate Planning Attorney

Spokane Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning, Will & Trust Lawyer

The Green Law Office provides the protection and peace of mind that come with sound estate planning.  A few things that everyone should have, regardless of wealth or family situation, include a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Power of Attorney (“health care directive” or “living will”).

Your will should include:

  •   Identification and instructions for your Personal Representative;
  •   Instructions for the disposition of your possessions and assets;
  •   Provisions for children, including trusts for minor children;
  •   Identification and instructions for a guardian for minor children;
  •   Instructions regarding debts and taxes burdening your estate;
  •   Special provisions you should speak with your attorney about.


It is also important to have your lawyer draft Durable Powers of Attorney for Legal Affairs and for Health Care Decisions, which include provisions regarding:

  •  Designation of an attorney-in-fact to handle your affairs if you become disabled;
  •  Instructions and designation of powers for your attorney-in-fact;
  •  Specific instructions regarding health care decisions, including prolonging life and consent to treatment;
  •  A whole variety of other issues you should discuss with your lawyer.


Without these documents, no one will be able to act on your behalf if you become disabled.  No one will have access to your bank accounts or health care records; no one will be able to make decisions or take actions on your behalf; no one will be able to care for your children in the manner in which you desire.  Do not let another day pass without contacting The Green Law Office to discuss protecting your family with an experienced Spokane estate planning attorney.  Reasonable flat rates are available for estate planning packages.