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Spokane Personal Injury Attorney

Spokane Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

Spokane personal injury attorney Alan Green spent nearly a decade working for insurance companies, defending people and businesses involved in incidents resulting in personal injuries.  Now The Green Law Office provides insightful, creative and aggressive representation to those who have been injured, using that knowledge of how things work “behind the scenes” to achieve fast and reasonable results for clients.  The law firm has experience with:

  •   Automobile accidents;
  •   Slip and fall or trip and fall injuries;
  •   Other premises liability cases;
  •   Product liability cases –
  •   Injuries resulting from defective or damaged products;
  •   Dog bites & other injuries resulting from negligence;


In addition to seeking reasonable compensation from the negligent party responsible for the injury, there are a host of other issues that you need to consider:

  •  Are you getting the necessary medical treatment?
  •  Are you being treated fairly by the insurance companies – both yours, and theirs?
  •  Are you able to accurately evaluate and calculate a fair settlement amount?
  •  Do you know what documents you need to support your demands to the insurance company?
  •  Are there coverage issues, or policy interpretation issues to be dealt with?
  •  Are there notice requirements or other statutory requirements that you must follow before filing suit?


Make sure you are compensated fairly for your loss.  Contact The Green Law Office today to discuss your personal injury case with a reputable personal injury attorney in Spokane.