Do you need a consumer protection attorney?  Summer is winding down.  So are all those summer projects – new addition to the house, new fence, new bathroom, retaining wall, etc.  And now that those projects are winding down, maybe you are realizing that the “great guy your friend’s friend used” maybe wasn’t all that great.   But hey, you’re reasonable, so you called him up and calmly relayed your concerns.  After all, you paid a lot of money, did your research and used a bonded and insured contractor, surely you can work this out.  But he won’t return your calls.  So now what?

Once telephone calls, emails and letters fail to get the results you need, its time to advance to the next step:  hiring a competent and knowledgeable consumer protection attorney.  A good consumer protection attorney can help you evaluate which of the many causes of action you may be able to pursue against the contractor.  Additionally, a good consumer protection attorney can help you go after the contractor’s insurance company and bond, as well as their business and/or personal assets.

Available causes of action may include: breach of contract; construction defect/negligence; Consumer Protection Act violations; Contractor’s Registration Statute violations; and possibly several other common law and/or statutory claims.  Its important to involve a consumer protection attorney that has knowledge of the details of these different claims in order to take advantage of opportunities to collect any attorneys fees you may have to spend, or even be awarded up to three times the amount of your actual damages.

It is also important to have a knowledgeable consumer protection attorney to help you navigate the sometimes confusing requirements for filing suit against the contractor’s bond, as well.  There are a number of specific steps that you must take in order to bring the contractor’s bond (either $6,000 or $12,000) into play.  Additionally, an experienced attorney can often times involve the contractor’s insurance company and negotiate a pre-suit settlement, even in some cases where there is a coverage question.

Your home is your biggest investment and your most important asset.  If it has been damaged by a contractor, it is important that you contact an experienced consumer protection attorney to make sure that your home is restored to its proper condition, and that you haven’t wasted your hard earned money.  The Green Law Office, PLLC is primarily a consumer protection law firm dedicated to assisting homeowners recover in cases where they have been wronged by contractors.

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