If you are in a car accident, or are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you want the best attorney in your corner.  There are a lot of personal injury attorneys in Spokane and Eastern Washington, so how do you choose?  Here are some things to think about when making this important decision:


You want an attorney that has handled a lot of cases over the years.  You also want an attorney that takes each case and looks at it fresh, without just pigeon-holing it into a category and following some long-antiquated case management formula.  It is important to retain an attorney that has experience in the area you need.  Some attorneys focus on only car accident cases, or only products liability.  You don’t want someone who is so specialized they are unfamiliar with your specific issues.  An attorney with experience in all areas of personal injury can be a powerful advocate, being able to draw on a lot of past experiences with different types of matters, in addition to those just like yours, and have fresh and insightful ideas.


Even more important than the number and type of cases an attorney has handled are the different roles he has played in handling them.  An attorney that has worked directly for insurance companies, or on behalf of insurance companies representing insured drivers and property owners, and against insurance companies when representing injured parties has the advantage of knowing the process from every angle.  When pursuing a personal injury claim, insurance companies can make things confusing, and even scary.  It is important that you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side to help you avoid those pitfalls.

Personal Attention

Everyone knows the commercials.  Everyone sees the ads.  There are some big personal injury firms out there that advertise a lot, and it gets them a lot of business.  And they are good attorneys.  But they base their firms on the sheer volume of cases that they can bring in.  Sometimes these firms are not even based locally, and you end up talking to someone that may even be outside the state.  You want an attorney who’s first concern is the relationship he builds with his clients.  While no attorney can guarantee success every time,  he should be able to promise you this:  you will always know what is going on with your case, what decisions are being made and exactly why, and that he will be a zealous advocate for you and your claim at all times.  Starting on the day of your accident, a good attorney can assist you with talking directly to the insurance companies – yours and theirs.  He will help you coordinate medical treatment and manage your insurance payments. He will manage your property damages claims by coordinating with repair shops and rental car companies.  There are a lot of aspects to even a simple injury claim, and the right attorney will help you personally with each one.

Alan Green has been practicing for nearly 10 years.  Over those 10 years, Alan has work directly for or with at least a dozen of the nation’s largest insurers handling injury-related cases.  These cases have included:  workplace injuries, car accidents, slip-and-fall cases, product liability claims, malpractice issues, construction related injuries, and many others.  Because Alan has such an extensive history working with the insurance companies, he knows all the tricks, all the procedures, all the things to be careful about when dealing with them.  Perhaps more importantly, he also knows how adjusters evaluate claims, and therefore can present your claim in the way most likely to result in the best outcome.  Alan began his own practice because he wanted to use this experience to help people win their claims against insurance companies, and not fall victim to their confusing and sometimes unfair tactics.  Alan maintains a small, personal practice so that he can help each one of his clients personally, and ensure that he is dedicated and available to each one.

If you or someone you know are injured in a car accident or by some other form of negligence, don’t try to go it alone. The Green Law Office PLLC and let Alan help you with your claims.

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