Why would you need a personal injury lawyer in Spokane, WA?  You have been in a car accident, or slipped and fell.  You were injured and you are hurting pretty bad.  You are not sure if you can make it into work, and you still need to get the kids to school.  Your phone is ringing off the hook with calls from insurance companies and one of them is even implying the accident was your fault. The adjusters are pushing hard for recorded interviews.  But you don’t even want to think about that – you are in pain.  Unfortunately, you don’t know who is going to pay for the doctors’ bills.  You are not really even sure what doctors you should see.  The right Spokane personal injury attorney can help you with all of these questions, and let you focus on what is important – recovery.

Starting immediately after the accident, things get very complicated and very busy right away.  Insurance companies immediately begin investigations, and push hard for recorded statements and interviews that they will later use against you.  Do you have to give a statement to an insurance adjuster?  Unfortunately, the answer is: “it depends.”  A good personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether or not you have a duty to cooperate with the insurance company, what that duty entails, and if you do need to provide a statement, can help you prepare and be there to keep the insurance adjuster from misbehaving.  Alan Green of the Green Law Office has years of experience as both a plaintiff’s lawyer and a defense lawyer hired by insurance companies, so he knows the ins and outs of all the arguments on both sides and how to use them to protect his clients.

Even more important that dealing with the insurance companies, you need to get your medical treatment figured out and get on the path to recovery as soon as you can after an accident.  Unfortunately, this means sorting out who is going to pay for the doctors.  Enter complicated insurance issues again:  PIP coverage, Medpay coverage, Letters of Protection, out of pocket payments, subrogation for health insurance.  And before you even get that figured out, you need to know who to see.  The right personal injury lawyer will know the right doctors in Spokane for you to see after an accident, and will have the experience to guide to you to the correct treatment.  Alan Green of the Green Law Office has lived in Spokane for most of his life, and in addition to his work with local doctors on behalf of clients over the years, has very close ties to the medical community.  Alan can use those relationships to ensure the best treatment for his clients.

In the end, when people think about hiring a personal injury attorney in Spokane, most people do it because they want to get the best  recovery possible.  And while the management of your insurance claim and medical treatment are extremely important,  it is true that having the right personal injury lawyer working for you can increase the amount the insurance company will offer for settlement quite a bit.  Alan Green spent nearly 10 years working for the biggest insurance companies in the country handling personal injury claims.  Alan knows how the insurance companies work, from the inside, and exactly how to manage a claim so that they will get the information they need to pay out the best possible settlement.  And if the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable offer, Alan can advise you on exactly what to expect from the litigation process and whether or not taking your case to court has a likelihood of yielding good results.  Don’t let a lawyer pressure you into going to trial when it isn’t the right choice for you!

Whether for yourself, a loved one, or close friend – choosing the right Spokane personal injury lawyer is a big decision.  Call Alan Green at the Green Law Office to talk about your case and get all the information you need to make that important decision.

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