Even with all the seemingly simple forms for wills and trusts online, it is important to consult a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer in Spokane and Eastern Washington to make sure your will, trusts, and power of attorney are done properly and within the requirements of Washington law.  For not much more than a boilerplate form on the internet, you can have an experienced Spokane estate planning attorney draft your will and get your affairs in order.

Everyone, regardless of income, assets, marital status or family situation should have estate planning documents in place.  Wills can be very simple and general, or they can be very complex and include various types of testamentary trusts to dispose of your assets and protect your surviving family.  Everyone’s situation is unique, and only an experienced Washington estate planning lawyer can help you understand what you need in place for your particular needs.

In addition to a last will and testament, there are some other basic estate planning documents everyone needs to have.  And, again, they are all different depending on your situation.  Do you own a business, property, have investment or other accounts, debts, insurance, or other non-cash assets?  Do you have responsibilities to a company, organization, other individual or family that needs to be addressed or passed on if you become unable to perform them?  Do you know who will make decisions on your behalf in emergency medical or financial situations if you cannot?  A good estate planning attorney in Spokane can help you understand what power-of-attorney documents apply to you, and can ensure that your healthcare and financial needs are met.

The Green Law Office also helps clients manage their property through the use of trusts.  Specific trusts can be used to manage your estate, real property and in certain cases can be used for the purchase, possession and management of guns and other firearms that fall under the National Firearms Act (NFA).  NFA items, such as suppressors (or silencers) can be purchased through a properly drawn up trust to streamline the process and help manage the possession and transfer of guns and NFA items in accordance with state and federal laws.

If you do not have a last will and testament, you need to get your estate and other affairs in order, or you want to explore the purchase, transfer and management of guns and/or suppressors through an NFA Gun Trust, contact the Green Law Office today for a consultation.

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