Just a reminder that through the end of May, Spokane attorney Alan Green is holding a clinic and providing families with a complete estate planning package for the special rate of only $495.00.  Having your affairs in order is too important to you and your family to let this opportunity pass.  Contact The Green Law Office, PLLC to find out more about getting your will, trust for your minor children, durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney and health care directive in place now.

Do you know what happens to your assets and property if you die without a will?  What would happen to your minor children?  Who will make decisions for you in a medical emergency?  Does anyone have legal authority to act on your behalf with banks, businesses, or other financial matters if you cannot do it yourself.  Many people think they know the answers to these questions, but are sadly mistaken.  Just because you have told a family member your wishes, it does not mean they have the authority to act on those wishes, or even the ability to make sure those wishes are followed.  It is critically important you have the properly drafted documents in place to avoid that uncertainty.

Everyone makes excuses:  they don’t want to think about such unpleasant things; they don’t feel like they have enough assets to make a difference; they think their family knows what to do.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Protect yourself and your family today.

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