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Washington State Gun Rights Lawyer

Alan pheasant hunting in Washington with Gus, his wirehair.Getting your gun rights restored in Washington State is not a simple process, but the GREEN LAW OFFICE can help.  Whether you lost your gun rights due to a felony or a misdemeanor, or a mental health commitment, in Spokane County, another county in Washington, or in another state, you may be eligible to have your right to possess a firearm restored by the court.

The GREEN LAW OFFICE has assisted clients in countless different situations get their gun rights restored in counties all over Washington.  We also assist clients with dealing with the FBI NICS division in clearing up records issues with the federal government.  Contact us now to discuss how we can help restore your gun rights and return your right to possess a firearm without delay.

Attorney for Hunters, Fishermen and Outdoorsmen.

You hunt. You fish. You spend time in the woods and on the rivers.  So does Alan Green.  He understands the specific issues that confront sportsmen and women in Spokane and the Inland Northwest.  Alan returned to Spokane and opened his law practice, The Green Law Office, to focus on providing people with like minds and like interests solid legal advice and services.

  •   Restoration of Washington State Gun Rights;
  •   WDFW violations;
  •   Criminal Defense (DUI, BUI, trespass, firearms violations);
  •   Property issues: hunting leases, waterfront building issues;
  •   Estate planning: plan for the worst, and hand down your guns.

There are real world issues that people who work hard so they can enjoy the Northwest have to deal with.  Sometimes, you need a guy with the same mud on his boots as you have on yours to help you figure things out.  Contact Washington State gun rights attorney Alan Green at The GREEN LAW OFFICE to discuss with Alan how to restore your gun rights.