A Gun Rights Lawyer’s Thoughts

Gun laws are changing in Washington State. Fortunately, your ability to have your gun rights restored after losing those rights due to a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor are still intact if you know the law and follow the right process. Having the right gun rights lawyer can make the difference between having your gun rights restored and being surprised months down the road by being denied for the purchase of a firearm or your CPL. Now that Washington requires law enforcement to contact people who are denied the purchase of a firearm, that can be a very big problem.

The State of Washington recently enacted a law banning “high capacity magazines,” or magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Fortunately for those already invested in such items, possession of magazines purchased prior to the enactment of the ban is not illegal. Additionally, lawmakers in Olympia enacted two others pieces of legislation restricting gun rights in Washington State. The first makes it a crime to carry firearms in certain public places such as government meetings, like school board proceedings, or election places. The second is intended to crack down “ghost guns.” It is illegal in Washington to possess a privately manufactured or homemade firearm without a serial number. The state did not enact the ban on assault rifles during this legislative session.

Despite these new restrictions on gun rights in Washington, the state remains more friendly than many to gun owners and those wishing to restore their gun rights. Washington remains an open carry state, meaning you can openly carry a firearm without a permit (you do need a Concealed Pistol License to carry a gun concealed from open view). It is relatively easy to obtain a CPL, as you do not need to take any classes. And, with an understanding of the law and the legal process, it is fairly straightforward to have your gun rights restored if you’ve lost them due to a felony or certain misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence.

While the gun rights restoration process is fairly straightforward, many people who do not understand the intricacies involving the differences between state and federal gun laws, and even those between the states themselves, and find themselves in trouble down the road. Unless you know the law, even obtaining an order restoring your rights from a judge can still leave you ineligible to purchase or possess a firearm, and exposed to criminal liability having or trying to buy a gun. Hiring the GREEN LAW OFFICE to handle the gun rights restoration petition process for you will ensure that there are no surprises down the road. Call today to speak with us about your gun rights.

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