Now more than ever, people in Washington State are acting to restore their gun rights before any one of the current proposed gun laws under consideration during the 2019-2020 legislative session proceed further.  The proposed gun laws, along with all the craziness surrounding COVID-19 and the various associated regulations in Washington, as well as all the pro- and anti-Second Amendment protests and activities, are prompting many people to act to restore their gun rights now.

Currently before the Washington State House and Senate are a variety of proposed gun laws that will further restrict gun rights in Washington State.  Multiple bills propose bans and restrictions regarding magazine capacity.  Some laws affect gun rights by establishing additional requirements for concealed pistol licenses (CPLs) and the purchase of guns and ammunition.  Other proposed gun laws would establish a government agency specifically to oversee gun violence and/or allow cities and municipalities to restrict gun rights beyond the level at which the state already does.

Washington citizens concerned with such changes to the gun laws who are eligible to have their gun rights restored are acting quickly to make sure they restore their gun rights now.  Many others are simply concerned about their safety and the safety of their families during the uncertain times that now exist with COVID-19 and the protests, riots and looting happening across the country.  Fortunately, even while many other government services, including court services, are slowed or restricted because of the coronavirus, the Green Law Office is able to restore gun rights in Spokane County and most other counties in Washington State within about a month from start to finish – and without the need for any personal appearances in court, or even person-to-person contact if clients prefer.  Contact the Green Law Office to determine if you are eligible to have your gun rights restored now.

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