Is a gun rights lawyer necessary to restore your firearms rights in Washington?  Let’s look at some of the issues that come up with petitions to restore gun rights in Spokane and other counties in Washington that a person without a gun rights attorney might not be equipped to handle.

The first issue is where to file your guns rights petition in Washington.  There are actually a couple different ways to determine the correct venue and which court has jurisdiction.  Your residence, and the nature, number and order of your convictions may come into play, too.  What if you had your gun rights taken away in Washington, but no longer live here?  What if you had convictions in multiple counties that stripped you of your right to possess a firearm?  Or out of state?  There are several considerations when it comes to determining where to restore your gun rights in Washington, and the experienced gun rights lawyer can make the correct choice.  A gun rights attorney with experience in multiple counties in Washington may also know which prosecutors and judges are easier to work with, and which local rules are more favorable when filing and presenting your petition for restoration of the right to possess a firearm.

Just like different counties have different intricacies in law and procedure when it comes to restoring your gun rights in Washington, there are differences between state and federal law that often come into play, as well.  Federal gun rights restoration laws differ from the state laws for restoring firearms rights, and knowing how those laws are different – and how they work together – can play a big part in your success.  An experienced gun rights attorney can explain the differences and how they apply to your case.

In addition to the laws surrounding petitions for restoration of gun rights, other gun laws are changing rapidly, as well. The Green Law Office helps clients restore their gun rights in counties in both Eastern Washington and Western Washington, and also helps clients with NFA Trusts and Gun Trusts, as well as general education on I-594 and other gun laws in Washington state.  If you need to have your gun rights restored in WA, call for an appointment today.

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