Having an experienced lawyer assist you with getting your gun rights restored can mean the difference between a smooth process that ends with you hunting this season and utter frustration.  Having gun rights restored in the State of Washington follows some pretty straightforward laws, but the procedure can be very difficult to understand.  The Green Law Office, PLLC has handled the restoration of gun rights for clients covering the entire spectrum of variables, from cases having to do with civil commitment, to mistaken records, to long-ago felonies where records have disappeared. And in the current political climate, the FBI NICS division is more difficult than ever to deal with alone.

If you had your gun rights stripped as a result of being convicted of a felony, or a crime in another state that is equivalent to a felony in Washington, odds are pretty good that you can get those rights restored.  The exceptions include most violent crimes, sex crimes, Class A felonies, or felonies with a maximum prison term of twenty years or greater.  In cases with very old convictions at issue, determining the category under which your case falls can take some experience.  This may also be the case when a crime occurred in another state, and different statutory definitions apply.  In most cases, a petition for restoration under RCW 9.41.040 is the answer; but sometimes if the conviction occurred as a juvenile a petition to have the record sealed is a better option.

In cases involving a civil commitment or an involuntary admission to a hospital for psychiatric concerns, different standards apply.  You do not need to let the stigma attached to such an incident prevent you from restoring your rights.  The Green Law Office can assist you with evaluating your past situation, and in retaining the proper expert to certify that all the statutory requirements for restoration have been met.

So many factors play into having your petition receive a favorable ruling that it is important to have an experienced attorney assist you with the process.  The procedure alone involves many confusing steps, even for simple cases.  Alan Green has the experience to usher your petition through the system as quickly as possible, and in many cases can work with the prosecutor’s office to even avoid a contested hearing.  If you want to have your right to possess a firearm restored in Washington, call The Green Law Office to learn more.

*  Nothing contained in this post constitutes legal advice.  All statements are for informative purposes only and are not meant to imply or guarantee any particular results.

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