I have been restoring gun rights for clients for many years now, and it still seems like every week I get a call with a new issue.  With the constant changes to federal and Washington State gun laws, and the differences between Washington state and federal gun rights restoration laws, every gun rights restoration case poses different legal issues that only experience and a deep understanding of firearms laws can help decipher.  The Green Law Office helps clients restore their gun rights in Spokane and all throughout Washington State whether they have felony convictions, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, or even a previous mental health commitment.

The Green Law Office handles restoration of gun rights cases on a simple flat fee basis in most cases.  In every case, I will speak with you personally before engagement to determine whether or not your unique set of facts and circumstances allow you to be eligible both federally and in Washington State for the restoration of your gun rights.  Case law and statutes about gun rights restoration, at both the state and federal level, continue to change, and the White House, Congress and courts keep making proposals and rulings that change gun laws and firearms rights restoration laws on a continuous basis.  Give us a call or send us an email through the contact page on the website to find out if you are eligible to have your gun rights restored before the laws change again.

Another thing to consider when having your gun rights restored is having your past conviction(s) vacated.  Many people think that in Washington State you have have a conviction “expunged.”  In most cases, that is not true; however, in most cases you can have the conviction vacated.  Having a conviction vacated means that your guilty plea or verdict is reversed and your charge gets dismissed. The record is still available (it is not sealed), but it is important in a gun rights context because the law states that once a conviction is vacated a person can answer “no” when asked if they have a felony conviction in their past.  The Green Law Office will help gun rights clients vacate previous convictions at a discounted flat rate when they undergo this process at the same time as the restoration of their gun rights.

In addition to the restoration of gun rights in Washington State, the Green LAw Office also assists clients with forming NFA trusts to manage the purchase and possession of silencers and other NFA and non-NFA items.  Federal laws and ATF regulations regarding the establishment and use of NFA trusts – and the “NFA Trust loopholes” that you hear about – are changing this summer, so if you have been considering forming an NFA trust, you should come in to speak with us soon.

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