Restore your gun rights in Washington State with the help of an experienced gun rights lawyer. Restoration of firearm rights is a complicated matter, often involving felonies, misdemeanors, and even mental health commitments that occurred in the past.  But the law allows for people with these convictions to complete a process of rehabilitation and to be granted a certificate restoring the right to possess and purchase a gun.

The Green Law Office is located in Spokane, but helps clients restore their gun rights in all counties in the State of Washington.  Most times, we can work with the courts and prosecutors to complete the gun rights restoration process via an agreed order so that you don’t have to take time off from work – and don’t have to pay an attorney – to show up in court.  Going in front of a judge is usually not high on the list of things people want to do, so if we can have your firearms rights returned to you without the need for a hearing, we make sure to do so.  (There are still a couple of counties that insist on hearings.  We can talk about that during your initial consultation.)

While the process is relatively straightforward in that there are specific statutory criteria for eligibility for restoration of gun rights, it is very important to make sure your petition is drafted to carefully include all the necessary information and records as exhibits.  In many cases, specific information is needed to clarify facts that can get confusing due to the differences in state and federal gun laws.  While you may be eligible to restore your gun rights under Washington State law, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Federal law allows you to have your firearms rights restored.  Especially when domestic violence was involved in a past conviction, the interplay between state and federal laws can be very difficult to sort out.  Also, the language in the Washington State statutes and the related case law is murky when it comes to the computation of certain timelines that must be met to have your gun rights restored.

The Green Law Office represents clients for a simple one-time flat fee for the restoration of gun rights.*  Contact us today at (509) 252-5022 to see if you are eligible to have your gun rights restored by the Washington courts.

*Some out-of-county travel, while seldom necessary, may be subject to additional fees.  Details will be fully discussed during initial consultation.

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