During the next 30 days, The Green Law Office wants to help new clients in Washington State restore their firearms rights for a discounted flat fee.  We understand that setting aside hard earned money for legal services is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your rights is too important to ignore.  With the current political and social climate ever changing, now is the time to consult an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in the intricacies of firearms laws and the statutory requirements for gun rights restoration.

On the surface, the process for the restoration of firearms rights looks somewhat simple.  There are certain requirements regarding past convictions and timelines that must be met, then it is just a matter of petitioning the court. However, as each year passes I am presented with more and more unique situations that fall into one of the many gray areas left in the laws.  Cases from different divisions do not always agree with each other.  State and Federal laws are different in some respects.  Even certain counties here in Washington have different local rules and requirements for filings gun rights restoration petitions with the courts.  If you are going to spend your hard earned money to have a lawyer get your gun rights restored for you, you owe it to yourself to be represented by someone who can intelligently discuss the nuances of your case and the law with you, and take that same level of understanding to the prosecutors and courts who are not always totally up to speed on the finer points of gun rights restoration laws.

For the next 30 days, The Green Law Office wants to help new clients take advantage of the gun rights restoration process.  During the next month, eligible new clients can have their gun rights restored for a flat fee of $1,150.00*.  That flat fee includes all attorneys fees, the $240 filing fee for the court, and the costs of obtaining the necessary records.  Call the office today at (509) 252-5022 to find out more.

*While seldom necessary, additional fees may apply for out of town travel.

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