Hunting season in Washington is fast approaching.  It still feels like the dog days of summer, but it is already time to start sighting in rifles, patterning shotguns, cleaning and practicing with your favorite pistol.  But for many people in the State of Washington, a past felony or misdemeanor means that their right to possess a firearm has been lost.  That means no hunting again this year…unless you act now to have your gun rights restored by an experienced gun rights attorney in Washington State.

The GREEN LAW OFFICE works with clients of all kinds from all over the State of Washington to get firearms rights restored after felonies, misdemeanors and even involuntary commitments for mental health treatment.  The restoration of gun rights process can be complicated, with confusing procedure and detailed statutory requirements.  But Alan Green of the Green Law Office has worked with courts and prosecutors from all over the state to become well versed in the different local rules and how to achieve results for his clients in the fastest and most cost effective manner possible.  If you don’t want to sit out another hunting season in Washington State again this year, contact the Green Law Office to discuss how we can get your gun rights restored.

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