The restoration of gun rights in Washington State, or in any state, is never a simple matter.  Restoring gun rights often means navigating many variable facts and laws, and applying the very narrow language of case law and Washington State gun rights statutes to your particular gun rights restoration case.  The Green Law Office in Spokane, WA provides free telephone consultations with clients who want to restore gun rights all over the State of Washington.

One issue that comes up often in gun rights restoration cases is the question about whether you are eligible to have your gun rights restored if you still owe restitution or fines or have other legal financial obligations (LFOs) outstanding.  Certainly the best way to proceed is to petition the court to drop any interest and/or penalties then pay of the principal balance before filing your gun rights petition with the court.  But what if you cannot pay off all your LFOs right now, and are adhering to a payment plan?  A recent court decision in Washington State seems to very clearly support the notion that you can petition for restoration of gun rights without having completed all the terms of your sentence (including payment of LFOs, presumably) as long as you comply with the other requirements of Washington’s gun rights restoration statute at RCW 9.41.040(4).  The Division II Appeals Court states in Benson v. State of Washington that while the statute requires completion of all terms of a sentence prior to filing a petition to restore gun rights after a prohibiting misdemeanor, the statute does NOT specifically require completion of sentence terms before petitioning for the restoration of gun rights after a prohibiting felony.

Narrow reading of specific language in the gun rights laws is a critical requirement for anyone wishing to petition to restore gun rights in Washington State.  Contact the Green Law Office today to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney, free of charge.  We generally complete gun rights restoration cases for client for a very reasonable flat fee of $1,250.00, which includes the $240 filing fee for the court and the cost of getting the records.  Barring surprises, we can often times restore gun rights for clients in around a month.

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