Hunting seasons in Washington State are in full swing, and many Washington State residents are unable to engage in hunting with their families due to the revocation of their gun rights.  I receive calls from many clients who admit they made some poor choices long ago – often in their youth – that resulted in having their gun rights taken away.  Now, after decades in the community without any other criminal infractions, they are still unable to take their kids hunting.  Don’t let that be you when Washington State law allows for the restoration of your gun rights.

RCW 9.41.040 provides that any person who is ineligible to purchase or possess a firearm due to loss of their gun rights after a felony or misdemeanor can petition the court to have those gun rights restored.  The statute says clearly that anyone who does not have a Class A felony or a sex offense on their record, and has gone the requisite period of time without a conviction may have their gun rights restored.  The Green Law Office recently argued a complicated case on this issue and won restoration for a client under that statute.

Now, due to the current political climate and myriad inconsistencies in state and federal law, there are some uncertainties and nuances to the restoration of gun rights no matter how clear the Washington State gun rights restoration laws are.  The Green Law Office is knowledgeable about the issues, inconsistencies and pitfalls in restoring your gun rights, and will talk to you about the details so that you can understand what you can expect.

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