Hunting seasons have begun in Washington State, and as rifle and black powder seasons draw near, don’t be left home because you’ve had your gun rights taken away.  There is still time before the late firearms seasons for you to have your gun rights restored in Washington State if you act now!

The Green Law Office in Spokane, WA helps clients all over Washington State get their firearms rights back.  In most cases, we can get clients’ gun rights restored without the need for a court appearance, and within a matter of weeks.  Of course, all situations are different, but in most cases we can streamline the process and get your gun rights restored quickly and easily as long as you meet the statutory criteria for firearms rights restoration.

Under RCW 9.41.040(4), the law provides for most anyone who has lost their gun rights to have them restored as long as they don’t have a conviction for a Class A felony or a sex offence on their record and the right amount of time has passed since their last conviction.  And while often times it is just that simple, unfortunately there is also a large gray area where sometimes state and federal laws are not in accord with one another.  That is why it is so important to consult a knowledgeable gun rights lawyer when you are considering petitioning for restoration of your gun rights in Washington State.

Contact the Green Law Office now for a free consultation about getting your gun rights restored.  Let us help you get back in the woods this season.

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