Last weekend, Spokane gun rights restoration lawyer Alan Green assisted local FFL Best Buy Surplus complete the transfers on 1,000 guns auctioned off at Premier Auction House in Post Falls.  Abiding by all state and federal gun laws regarding transfer of firearms, all 1,000 guns were successfully sold to responsible parties passing background checks and completing all of the required paperwork.  “I am not sure what was more impressive:  seeing all those guns in one place, or the process to get them all sold and properly transferred,” said one participant.

With the passing of I-594, all gun transfers are going to require background checks in Washington State, meaning that those who may have purchased guns at shows or through private transactions in the past will now need to have their right to possess firearms intact.  Alan Green of the Green Law Office in Spokane regularly helps clients navigate the intricacies of getting their right to possess a firearm restored after having it stripped by the court for the commission of a felony or misdemeanor relating to domestic violence.  Alan helps people in all counties in WA, on both sides of the Cascades, get their gun rights back.  There are a lot of important details, and some confusing grey areas where it comes to the interplay between state and federal law when it comes to getting your gun rights restored in Washington, so it is important to consult an attorney knowledgeable in the restoration of firearms rights before proceeding.

It would be a shame to miss another opportunity like the auction this last weekend because of a mistake you made a long time ago.  If you want to find out more about having your gun rights restored in Washington State, call the Green Law Office today to set up an appointment.

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