Now is the time to restore your gun rights, before Washington’s attorney general sends up legislation for an assault weapons ban in 2017.  Under the proposed assault weapons ban, “military style” weapons like AR-15’s and any weapon with a high capacity magazine (greater than 10 rounds) would be banned in the State of Washington.  The proposed language of the assault weapons ban does “grandfather in” AR-15s and other assault weapons that are owned at the time the legislation becomes law, and will reportedly not require the registration of those guns.  That means that if you purchase a gun before the new laws go into place, you will legally be able to keep those guns and not have to register or surrender them to law enforcement.   That means there is still time to act if you have had your gun rights taken away and wish to have them restored in time to purchase a gun or magazines that may become restricted.

The Green Law Office in Spokane, WA restores gun rights for clients all over the State of Washington.  In most cases, Alan Green can restore your gun rights for a reasonable flat fee that includes the court fees and cost of records, and can have clients’ gun rights restored in about a month.  Call the Green Law Office today at (509) 252-5022 to find out more about getting your gun rights restored before the Washington assault weapons ban goes to the legislature.

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