Do You Need a Gun Rights Lawyer?

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Is a gun rights lawyer necessary to restore your firearms rights in Washington?  Let’s look at some of the issues that come up with petitions to restore gun rights in Spokane and other counties in Washington that a person without a gun rights attorney might not be equipped to handle.Continue reading

Post Falls Auction Sells 1,000 Guns

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Last weekend, Spokane gun rights restoration lawyer Alan Green assisted local FFL Best Buy Surplus complete the transfers on 1,000 guns auctioned off at Premier Auction House in Post Falls.  Abiding by all state and federal gun laws regarding transfer of firearms, all 1,000 guns were successfully sold to responsible parties passing background checks and completing all of the required paperwork.  “I am not sure what was more impressive:  seeing all those guns in one place, or the process to get them all sold and properly transferred,” said one participant.Continue reading

NFA Gun Trusts and Washington Firearms Rights Restoration

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The Green Law Office in Spokane, Washington helps clients restore their right to possess a firearm when poor decisions long ago now affect their right to have and use a gun.  For those who already can and do own and use firearms, but want to protect their guns for themselves and their families, or utilize some of the advantages of current gun laws, the Green Law Office advises clients and drafts comprehensive gun trusts for the legal purchase and transfer of NFA guns and suppressors / silencers.

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Restoring Gun Rights in Spokane, Washington

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Having an experienced lawyer assist you with getting your gun rights restored can mean the difference between a smooth process that ends with you hunting this season and utter frustration.  Having gun rights restored in the State of Washington follows some pretty straightforward laws, but the procedure can be very difficult to understand.  The Green Law Office, PLLC has handled the restoration of gun rights for clients covering the entire spectrum of variables, from cases having to do with civil commitment, to mistaken records, to long-ago felonies where records have disappeared. And in the current political climate, the FBI NICS division is more difficult than ever to deal with alone.Continue reading