Gun Rights for Washington Hunting Season

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Hunting seasons in Washington State are in full swing, and many Washington State residents are unable to engage in hunting with their families due to the revocation of their gun rights.  I receive calls from many clients who admit they made some poor choices long ago – often in their youth – that resulted in having their gun rights taken away.  Now, after decades in the community without any other criminal infractions, they are still unable to take their kids hunting.  Don’t let that be you when Washington State law allows for the restoration of your gun rights.Continue reading

Restore Gun Rights Before Washington State Hunting Seasons

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Hunting seasons have begun in Washington State, and as rifle and black powder seasons draw near, don’t be left home because you’ve had your gun rights taken away.  There is still time before the late firearms seasons for you to have your gun rights restored in Washington State if you act now!Continue reading

Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer to Restore Your Gun Rights

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I have been restoring clients’ gun rights all over Washington State for many years now, and I still hear of a new issue regarding gun laws, firearms rights, and the legal processes that surround them on a monthly basis.  A quick glance at the Washington gun rights restoration statute makes it look pretty simple:  file a gun rights petition in the Superior Court, and get your firearms rights restored.  But things aren’t always as simple as they seem….Continue reading

Gun Rights, ATF Rule 41F and Gun Trusts

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Guns laws are changing rapidly.  Tomorrow, ATF Rule 41F regarding NFA gun trusts goes into effect.  Do you know how Rule 41F effects your gun rights?  Do you know how Washington’s firearms transfer laws, or I-594, are applied to NFA or non-NFA gun trust holders?  California has passed some incredibly restrictive laws requiring people to possess a permit just to purchase a gun, undergo background checks just to purchase ammunition, and surrender or destroy high-capacity magazines.  Are these changes headed to Washington, too?  If you need to have your gun rights restored, now is the time to do it.  Call the Green Law Office now to discuss our reasonable flat fees and expedited handling of your case.Continue reading

Federal and Washington State Gun Rights Restoration & NFA Trusts

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I have been restoring gun rights for clients for many years now, and it still seems like every week I get a call with a new issue.  With the constant changes to federal and Washington State gun laws, and the differences between Washington state and federal gun rights restoration laws, every gun rights restoration case poses different legal issues that only experience and a deep understanding of firearms laws can help decipher.  The Green Law Office helps clients restore their gun rights in Spokane and all throughout Washington State whether they have felony convictions, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, or even a previous mental health commitment.

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Washington State Gun Rights Lawyer

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Restore your gun rights in Washington State with the help of an experienced gun rights lawyer. Restoration of firearm rights is a complicated matter, often involving felonies, misdemeanors, and even mental health commitments that occurred in the past.  But the law allows for people with these convictions to complete a process of rehabilitation and to be granted a certificate restoring the right to possess and purchase a gun.Continue reading

Gun Right Restoration – Discounted Flat Fee for New Clients

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During the next 30 days, The Green Law Office wants to help new clients in Washington State restore their firearms rights for a discounted flat fee.  We understand that setting aside hard earned money for legal services is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your rights is too important to ignore.  With the current political and social climate ever changing, now is the time to consult an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in the intricacies of firearms laws and the statutory requirements for gun rights restoration.Continue reading

Hunting Season is Coming! Restore your Gun Rights.

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Hunting season in Washington is fast approaching.  It still feels like the dog days of summer, but it is already time to start sighting in rifles, patterning shotguns, cleaning and practicing with your favorite pistol.  But for many people in the State of Washington, a past felony or misdemeanor means that their right to possess a firearm has been lost.  That means no hunting again this year…unless you act now to have your gun rights restored by an experienced gun rights attorney in Washington State.Continue reading

Restore Gun Rights After Washington Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction

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Spokane, WA based gun rights attorney Alan Green of the Green Law Office helps clients restore their gun rights and their ability to purchase and possess a firearm after both felony and misdemeanor convictions in Washington State.  Contrary to intuition, it can often be harder to have your gun rights restored after a misdemeanor conviction than if you were convicted of a felony.  A gun rights lawyer experienced in Washington State and federal gun laws can help you navigate the intricacies of the gun rights restoration process.

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